- December 8, 2016

Schlotzsky’s Is Rebranding To Literally Export The Flavors Of Austin

Woops, there goes another popular Austin thing, off to Atlanta! First it was our TV/film industry, now it’s our sandwiches and our vibe. At least this time Schlotzsky’s is just expanding their operations and not leaving us behind. Although, they are bringing their fancy new concept to the home of the Braves before launching here.

Schlotzsky’s already operates more than 350 locations worldwide since opening in Austin in 1971, but their new concept is a move from their standard fast-casual to “a more edgy eatery aligned with Schlotzsky’s roots in Austin, Texas,” reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The sandwich shopped moved its operations to Atlanta a year ago, making this a natural place to test out the new concept.

The first Austin Eatery prototype will open in Duluth on December 15 and feature design elements, menu items, alcoholic beverages, and ordering systems.

“The new positioning of the brand is about going back to our roots,” Roddy said. “The original sandwich shop on South Congress is the epicenter of coolness today. We want to bring that Austin vibe to anywhere in the country.”

The menu additions include inspirations from Austin’s popular food truck scene including chorizo, pulled pork, and shrimp which come in sandwiches, tacos (naturally), and on sliders and flatbreads.

In addition, the new eatery will offer alcohol (beer and wine) and live music three nights per week. The drink menu will include local craft beers such as brews from Monday Night Brewing and Jekyll Brewing along with big brewing names like Budweiser, plus domestic wines that are “not mass produced,” according to Roddy.

Featured photo from Schlotzsky’s Facebook