- February 22, 2016

RIDE Indoor Cycling To Celebrate 3rd Anniversary


Why do people exercise? Some do it be healthy. Some do it to lose weight. Some do it because their doctors told them they’d drop dead if they didn’t. Many in Austin do it because they love it. They enjoy the post-workout feeling and the extra energy they have throughout their day.

If you’re not in love with working out, you should try RIDE Indoor Cycling. If you can believe it, they somehow manage to make riding stationary bikes fun.

Their boutique fitness studio easily meshes with Austin’s fitness mania, but it also provides something a bit unique. Energetic instructors encourage you through a 45-minute ride. Music pumps through the speakers, and mood lighting envelops your surroundings. They entertain your eyes and ears while the rest of your body works hard.

ride_room resize“RIDE is the workout you enjoy while you’re doing it.  That’s why the slogan is ‘RIDE. ROCK. REPEAT.’ You will rock out in our classes to great music and great instructors.  And when the workout is done, our studio lobby fills with the energy of dozens of happy, sweaty people all planning when they will come back.  And that is it.  The most effective workout is the one you do regularly, and nothing helps develop that habit like having fun,” co-founder Tim Dowling told Austin.com.

Tim and his wife Kim created the business three years ago. “When we moved to Austin in 2011, Kim wanted to share her favorite workout with her friends and the Austin community. She knew that RIDE would connect with Austinites’ love of music and fitness.  And she saw an opportunity to bring uniquely designed, fashion-centered space to downtown,” Tim said.

RIDE owners Tim and Kim Dowling. Event photos by Live Box Photography.

RIDE owners Tim and Kim Dowling. Event photos by Live Box Photography.

Tim attributes RIDE’s success to the staff. “From the beginning, RIDE has been about creating the best platform for our instructors, managers and staff.  That’s why we have invested so much in training, why we provide health insurance and why we have a retirement savings plan.  They give their best, and our clients feel it every day,” he said.

A couple of the instructors — Tara Granberry and Caprice Richards — will celebrate leading their 1,000th rides this month. They’ve been with RIDE since the beginning.

Tim, Kim and their staff will celebrate the business’s third anniversary on February 25 with heart-pumping themed rides and complimentary beverages throughout the day. Anyone who takes a class that day will be invited to the exclusive anniversary party.

At RIDE, they’re busy doing what they love, so exactly what’s next for the business is anyone’s guess. “Unlike some businesses, we’ve never had fixed growth plans.  We will grow when the people on our team want to do more.  All we can say for now is that the team is very strong and that they have earned the right to do more.  Keep tuned,” Tim said.

You can reserve online for your place on their next ride. They have several rides each day, so one is bound to fit your schedule. Now, get down to RIDE and sweat!