- July 11, 2016

Owner of Icenhauer’s Opening Warehouse District Cocktail Lounge


If you’ve ventured out among the hipsters on Rainey Street, you’ve probably come across Icenhauer’s. If nothing else, you noticed the bar’s unusual name. The story behind the name is simple: The bar owner is Michael Icenhauer, and the name just seems to lend itself to a bar-sounding vibe. That might help explain why Icenhauer has another bar in the works for the Warehouse District, coming in September.

His second venture will be called Sellers. Why Sellers, you ask? That happens to be his mother’s maiden name. Also, naming his new cocktail lounge after an important woman keeps with Icenhauer’s penchant for giving female names to signature drinks.

“The Warehouse District has long been a place for the best of Austin nightlife,” he told Austin.com. “We are looking forward to being a part of that, while raising the bar and bringing something unique and exciting. The Sellers customer experience will be sophisticated, but with the Texas friendliness that everyone expects.”

Construction will continue through the summer. The grand opening is planned for Labor Day Weekend, so make sure your long weekend plans include a stop by 213 West 4th Street to see what’s happening at Sellers.