- September 28, 2016

Austin Man Dances The Texas Two Step During Police Sobriety Test


Although drunk driving is a serious crime and never ever humorous, the interactions between police and drunken motorists can at times be hilarious, as Austin residents learned this week thanks to a driver who allegedly danced the Texas Two-Step after being pulled over.

Fifty-one-year-old Austinite Manuel Luna-Camacho was pulled over shortly after midnight on Monday, when a police officer claims to have spotted him swerving on westbound Ben White near South Congress. The driver reportedly told the police officer that he had consumed two 20-ounce beers several hours earlier, and the officer noted that he wobbled and swayed as he spoke.

Clearly, the officer fully expected Luna-Camacho to be intoxicated, but nobody could have anticipated this suspect’s dancing skills. During the part of the sobriety test where individuals do the “walk and turn test,” Luna-Camacho allegedly began dancing the Texas two-step “down an imaginary line.” After taking 25 steps during the first part of the test, he jumped and performed a 180-degree turn during his jump to turn around.

Luna-Camacho has had two previous DWI convictions in Williamson Country from 2004 and 2005, according to KVUE-TV. While there is currently no video of the incident, we can only imagine what it must have looked like. We’re thinking something like this…

Hey, at least nobody was hurt. That’s worth something, right?

Featured photo: Manuel Luna-Camancho, via Austin Police Department