- March 25, 2024

Margaret Cho Coming To Austin To Help Protect Drag, Trans, and Womens Rights


Moontower Comedy Festival returns to Austin April 10 through 21 and the lineup includes one of our favorite comedians – Margaret Cho! Her now tour “Live and LIVID” makes a stop at The Paramount on April 11 where she will be “radiating rage about homophobia, sexism, racism and the fight to stay alive in a culture that is killing us daily.”

In anticipation of the show, we got a chance to chat with the five time Grammy and Emmy nominated comedian/ actress about her boot buying addiction, love of Tex-Mex, life changes, and more.

Here’s what Margaret Cho is most excited about doing in Austin!

What are you excited to do in Austin?

“Eat. Whatever. Everything. It’s such a food city. It’s such an amazing place. Also, boots. You have to buy boots. I just have a lot of, like, the Austin boot life. I’m very into boots… I just love the city itself, the vibe, the people, the music, everything.”

What can we expect (from your show) this time around?

“This time around is really protecting drag queens. Protecting drag. Protecting trans lives. Protecting women’s rights. Protecting our rights in general. It’s this weird evangelical Christian right who are trying to take away all of our rights when you know who would argue the most about this? Christ! Christ would not be into it. Christ would not agree.” I spent many years as a bible teacher. I was a Sunday school teacher. So, I know what I’m talking about.”

Since you have a show in Dallas as well, do you have any other message for Texans?

“We’re gonna be OK. Everything is gonna be alright… As long as we’re together nothing can go wrong.”

We also took a minute to ask about some lighter topics like, is she excited about the eclipse, something everyone in Texas is talking about. She replied, “Oh gosh, yeah. Don’t look directly at it.”

While discussing “Friday Night Lights” she quoted, “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose” so it’s clear she’s a true fan. She also told us she’s a fan of Texas Chainsaw Massacre – the original and the franchise as a whole. You can learn more about her Texas faves here.

Don’t miss Margaret Cho on April 11 at Paramount Theatre. Get tickets here.

You can learn more about Moontower Comedy Festival and snag passes for that here.