- September 3, 2015

Local Music Is Back On Austin TVs Thanks To 512 Studios


What happens when you put television cameras in an Austin recording studio and roll film on some great local artists? Well, you get “512 Studios Live.”

512 Studios is a full-service recording studio located on South Lamar Boulevard. Like many of the people moving to Austin these days, the place has a west coast vibe. Omar Vallejo designed the studio to put artists at ease because he knows recording an album can be a taxing process.

“Being in studio is very, very stressful. One, you’re paying money — and a lot of it. Two, you’re playing all your inner thoughts to everybody. There’s a lot of mental chi that’s getting waved around. You’re in a vulnerable spot. You have your ego at risk,” Omar told Austin.com while taking a break from recording Little Joe Y La Familia.

Omar knows this stress firsthand. He and two of his brothers make up three-fifths of the band Vallejo which has multiple albums in its discography. Omar brings this experience from the artist’s side to his work behind the audio board.

Photo: Courtesy, Omar Vallejo on Facebook.

Photo: Courtesy, Omar Vallejo on Facebook.

Omar is branching out from behind the glass to producing 512 Studios Live. This weekly show features local bands performing and discussing their music. But that’s not all the show has to offer. Think “Live from Daryl’s House” meets “Hee Haw”. You’re intrigued, right?

“We have little skits in between when the band is playing. We just act kooky,” Omar said. “At 11:30 p.m., you’re either half asleep or half awake. You’ve had a couple of beers, so you’re a little loopy. You don’t want to be watching anything that serious.”

The show hearkens back to the 1990’s and early 2000’s, when the Austin Music Network produced a similar show. “I really enjoyed clicking on and seeing a band, or a buddy or someone I know. It was nice to see that local edge,” Omar added.

You can catch 512 Studios Live every Saturday night at 11:30 p.m. on KNVA-TV (better known as The CW Austin). So, now you can get your Seinfeld fix and then stay tuned for some great music from a band you’ve probably never heard before!

“One of the best things you as an Austinite can do for local musicians is to simply open your ears,” Omar said. “If you’ve never heard that song before, listen. You don’t have to hear Freebird again. If it is something original, open your ears. Give it a chance. You might like it.”

Check out the first episode of “512 Studios Live” below, featuring The New Offenders

Feature photo: Courtesy, 512 Studios on Facebook.