Local Company Is Revolutionizing The Frozen Pizza Aisle


Austin-based Smart Flour Foods is on a mission to bring ancient grains to the modern world. After recognizing the growing number of consumers looking for better-for-you alternatives to their favorite comfort foods, the company set out to elevate the frozen pizza aisle with an ancient-grain based pizza lineup that features simple, clean, certified gluten-free ingredients and premium, gourmet toppings.

This proved to be a winning combination for the company. Shortly after launching in 2013, the pizzas won best new product at Natural Products Expo East. From that launch, Smart Flour Foods grew its retail presence to nearly 1,000 stores in just over a year, and today boasts over 3,000 retail locations, including Whole Foods Market, HEB, Sprouts, Central Market and Wheatsville Co-op locations in Austin.

The company attributes its fast success to meeting the growing consumer demand for cleaner foods that still deliver on great taste and its use of ancient-grain ingredients to enhance its product’s nutritional profile. The desire for healthier, less refined alternatives to wheat has prompted the popularity of ancient grains, and while they are becoming present in a variety of products ranging from cereals to chips and crackers, there are only a few companies, like Smart Flour Foods, that include ancient grains as a primary ingredient in its products.

All of Smart Flour Foods’ pizzas start with a Non-GMO Project Verified pizza crust that is made with the naturally gluten-free ancient grains sorghum, amaranth and teff. In addition to making Smart Flour Foods’ pizzas higher in protein, vitamins and minerals than leading conventional and gluten-free brands, the whole grain crust cooks up crispy with a nice chew in the middle, providing the taste and texture that consumers crave. From there, toppings include a synthetic hormone-free, real mozzarella and provolone cheese blend and hand selected, nitrate/nitrite-free meats designed to satisfy the most discerning pizza lover.

Another key to Smart Flour Foods’ success has been the city of Austin itself. Healthy living and clean eating have long been part of the city’s culture, and the progressive attitudes of many residents encourages innovation. As part of Austin’s ever-growing startup food landscape, Smart Flour Foods is fueled by the innovative spirit and collaborative nature of the city. Follow @SmartFlourFoods on Facebook and Instagram for local sampling opportunities.

This post was sponsored by Smart Flour.