- November 2, 2015

Like a Local: Top 5 Austin Art Events this Week (November 2- 8)

This photograph was taken in Pine Street Station during a gallery opening for Reji Thomas in 2013. By Miriam Conner

This photograph was taken in Pine Street Station during a gallery opening for Reji Thomas in 2013. By Miriam Conner

If you are an artist, enjoy looking at or wearing art, or just need inspiration, pull up your britches.

If you’re unaware, Austin never stops. There is always an event or happening that you will miss because of schedule conflicts. You’ll probably be too busy goin’ to or fixin’a go to a different gathering. Almost every weekend, there is a festival, plus there are too many amazing bars with great patios to hit them all.

Event listings tend to be Texas BIG, and it can get overwhelming. From a local to someone who just moved here, or just looking for something free to do, check out the The Top 5 Art Events in Austin this week. Remember, ALWAYS SUPPORT LOCAL ART.

#1. If You Miss Crit-Class or Just Love Thinking!

Wednesday | 11/4 | 7pm

UMLAUF Sculpture Garden & Museum

Insights: Artists’ talk with Ryan Hawk & Gracelee Lawrence on their exhibition  

Ryan Hawk

This program increases the appreciation of Charles Umlauf’s work, as well as sculpture in general, through lectures from visiting artists and scholars. INSIGHTS encourages the development of critical perspectives and provides deeper understanding of art, and usually accompanies the museum’s newest exhibition. This program is partially funded by City of Austin Core Funding 2015-2016.

FREE | RSVP | 605 Robert E Lee Road 78704

#2. Open Your Eyes, Free Your Mind, and the Rest will Follow

Saturday | 11/7 | 8-11pm

Link & Pin Art Space

Gender Portraits East – Opening Reception

Gender portraint on steam mag

In this striking opening, artist, Drew Riley celebrates and explores gender diversity and true self through masterful paintings. New work on display, including the exclusive debut of the third self portrait of the series.

Enjoy free drinks and appetizers promptly at 8:00 pm. There’s an artist talk followed by music from The Artemis Glow at 8:30.

FREE | 2235 E 6th St, Ste 102, 78702

#3. Writers and Artists Who Write!

Tuesday | 11/3 | 7pm

one page salon ND

The North Door

One Page Salon
One Page Salon is a monthly gathering of writers and creators sharing ONE PAGE of a work-in-progress. The rest of the time will be a chance to chat and sip. Quick readings, slow drinking – a hell of a good night.

FREE | 501 Brushy St, Austin, TX 78702

#4. Tis the Season to Shop!

Saturday | 11/7 | 2-6pm

Art for the People

art for the people

Market Day

FREE | 1711 S. First, 78704 | 512/761-4708

#5. Brain Pickin’ – Beyond The Human: The Animal Lover

Saturday | 11/7 | 4 pm


In Danger (or, you should really, really give a sh!t)
artscience dr talk

Science talk with Dr. Hayley Gillespie: Endangered Species of Austin

In an exploration of the architects of the animal kingdom, ecologist (and Art.Science.Gallery. director) Dr. Hayley Gillespie takes you on a tour through the fascinating world of the architects of the animal kingdom. From the miniscule mud walls of the “daddy longlegs” nests to the immensity of the Great Barrier Reef, Dr. Gillespie points out that we are not the only ones who build!

FREE | Registration highly recommended | 916 Springdale Road Building 2 #102, 78702