- July 14, 2014

10 Awesome Things Tinder Reveals About Austin Women

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I’m a single guy in Austin, which is why I’ve been using using Tinder, the wildly popular mobile dating app, for a few months now.

When I came home to Austin after spending two months traveling overseas, it occurred to me that the women of this city are unlike ladies anywhere else in the world. Using Tinder while traveling across Europe and America really drove that point home. Then it dawned on me: What if I could quantify my findings?

So, after researching 100 Tinder profiles — and yes, 100 is not comprehensive by any means, but the trends I found in this small research sample have certainly certainly applied to many Austin women on Tinder and those I know personally — this is what I learned.

10.) Austin women love the outdoors

"...and long walks on the beach."
Photo: Flickr user Dana, creative commons licensed.

In fact, 55% of the profiles I viewed said they love the outdoors or they have photos doing outdoor activities.