- December 15, 2015

Learn How to Meditate – Free!

Photo via Facebook

Photo via Facebook

This time of year, it seems that time operates on hyperdrive (did you catch that Star Wars reference?). We rush rush rush to find the perfect presents, decorate the house, entertain, attend parties, get the kids signed up for winter camps, pack for travel, and eat cookies. Lots and lots of cookies.

In the meantime, our brains are working hard, and fatigue sets in. We find ourselves getting snappy with our loved ones, and it feels like we just can’t get it all finished in time. Not to mention that there are relatives and friends pulling us in every direction because they are so excited to visit, or await your visit.

There’s a new bar in town to alleviate your stress. No, not THAT kind of bar. It’s the recently-opened Meditation Bar, and they’re offering free meditation classes for the rest of 2015. Benefits to meditation are touted as┬áreducing stress, improving our immune system, increasing positive energy, and helping with sleep and rest.

The instructors at Meditation Bar are kind and helpful, and the group setting is casual, with comfortable chairs and pillows and blankets for an optimal experience. You don’t have to be experienced at meditation to try it out.

Go! There’s a couple of weeks left in 2015, and you can finish it off with a calmer mindset.


Meditation Bar
8108 Mesa Drive, Suite B103
Austin, TX 78759