- August 19, 2014

Who Knew Willie Nelson Is Also A Card-Trick Wizard And Master Storyteller?

In the video above, Austin’s hometown favorite singer/songwriter Willie Nelson tells a story that involves a card trick. But it’s not just any card trick. You’ve gotta give it a minute — we move a little slower in Austin, so there’s no 30-second payoff here. But stick with this clip and Willie’s weird, wonderful witchcraft will leave your mouth hanging open.

We knew Willie has a hell of a lot of interesting tales to tell — his recent Rolling Stone cover story is evidence enough of that, especially the bit about the (rumored) nine-hour sex marathon with backwards somersaults — but who knew the guy is also a card-trick wizard?

Seriously, Willie must have tapped into some kind of mystical rhythm for success. One day before his 81st birthday, back in April, he earned a 5th-degree black belt in the Korean martial art of Gongkwon Yusul. Less than four months later, Willie busts the Billboard Country charts with his first #1 album in decades… And now he’s branching out into actual freaking magic too?

That settles it. There really is a reason why this man has a statue outside ACL and a street in downtown Austin named after him.

Let’s all say thanks to Reddit Austin for spotting it before we did.

Featured photo: Flickr user joshbg2k, creative commons licensed.