- April 22, 2020

George Strait Joins TikTok – See What’s Getting Him Through Quarantine


George Strait is one of the latest celebrities to take to social media to share their quarantine experiences. The Texas country star posted on TikTok to let us know what he’s up to, or at least what he’s drinking while stuck inside. In case you were wondering the King of Country’s preferred brand of tequila is Código 1530 Añejo and he likes to drink it Strait up! There’s no surprise it’s his drink of choice since he’s an investor in the brand and has a song with the same title.

George Strait
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We hope he’ll expand upon his adventures at home during quarantine so we can see more of what life is like on the Strait Estate.

The country crooner isn’t the only unexpected celeb to make an appearance on TikTok during quarantine. Dame Judi Dench recently joined her grandson Sam Williams on his TikTok account and the fans went wild. In fact, many were convinced it was fake, prompting Williams to post a series of videos featuring his “#famousrelative.”

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So I guess it’s official. Stars are just like us! There’s no escaping the struggle with quarantine boredom, no matter who you are!

Your move, Matthew McConaughey.

Feature photo courtesy of @GeorgeStrait