- February 10, 2015

The Gary’s ‘Farewell Foolish Objects’ Explodes With Quirky Style And Attitude


Farewell Foolish Objects, the latest album from Austin band The Gary, is an unpredictable and enjoyable record with many twists and turns that nonetheless ends up surprising listeners the entire way through.

Buy <I>Farewell Foolish Objects</I> on <a href="https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/farewell-foolish-objects/id935478553" target="_blank">iTunes</a>.

Buy Farewell Foolish Objects on iTunes.

The album opens with “Blank,” with an intro that leaves us feeling like the band has a more obscure sound than they really do. Once the group launches into their booming rock anthem, the style morphs into something much more vivacious and unforgettable.

“Coming Up For Air,” which follows “Blank,” begins with a driving bass line that leads the way for a rollicking guitar riff that gives the track a unique sound. While the band adopts a messy playing style on this tune, it ends up working well as we get to hear where the band plans on going with Objects.

The next song on Farewell, “Lowest Voices,” is a slower tune that brings every member to the forefront, making sure that each is heard. While it is hard to pinpoint The Gary and exactly what genre they play, it is obvious that once we get to “Lowest Voices” that the band does not want to be labeled. If they must be categorized, then the overall brand of rock and roll is really the best fit.

Farewell closes with “Let’s Cut a Path,” where we hear the bass bursting at the seams and its grinding riffs cutting through the track and binding it all together. While the drums usually take over this responsibility, The Gary have made the bass guitar a very prominent instrument. While bassists tend to stay in the background, The Gary has given it a key role in their songs and it works flawlessly.

All told, Farewell Foolish Objects is a great local record that Austinites won’t want to miss. The Gary bring a certain quirkiness to the Austin music scene that locals will love. Here is a selection from the album, titled “Coming Up For Air.”


If you are interested in purchasing Farewell Foolish Objects, check out the band’s Bandcamp page. To read more of Lauren Gribble’s reviews, head over to her website, Listen Here Reviews.