Free Fun Hack! How To Make A Face Mask Without A Sewing Machine


Wishing you could make a face mask yourself but don’t have the sewing equipment to do so? Thanks to one woman on Twitter there’s a simple way you can make a mask without a sewing machine! You can even put those old t-shirts to good use.

Here’s how it looks when all is said and done:

Check out the full tutorial on Twitter.

Mayor Adler also demonstrated how to make a face mask out of a t-shirt in this “Got A Minute?” segment on his website.

The demand for face masks in Austin is expected to spike. Want to help out by volunteering to sew masks? Here are some options, which may require use of a sewing machine.

Austin Couch Potato – Sew at Home Volunteering
Austin’s Couch Potato has stopped all furniture production at their three locations and shifted their focus to giving back to the those on the front line of COVID-19. Using fabric they have for pillow-casing shells, the ACP team has started cutting and sewing masks. Over the weekend, they were able to crank out hundreds with Austin Disaster Relief Network to get the supplies to those in need. With a goal of 3,500 masks a day, ACP could use your help! If you have access to a functional sewing machine with thread, sign up here to volunteer and pickup your At Home Sewing Mask Kit. The goal is for each volunteer to sew 50 masks at home, and ACP will arrange for a pickup and sanitation once complete.

Through the power of social media and a viral facebook page, thousands across the USA have joined forces to drop off and/or ship sewn masks to the Austin area to help healthcare workers. Get more info on how you can help here.

Make Face Masks for SAFE Austin Staff and Clients
SAFE staff and clients would appreciate anyone that can donate extra fabric masks. Any donated cloth masks will be made available to: (1) Staff still doing face-to-face work on campus, for example at our shelter, and (2) Clients who want or need masks for necessary activities out in the public. (At this time, these fabric masks will not be used by staff members caring for COVID-19 positive patients; the staff caring for COVID-19 positive patients, however, will utilize medical masks). They offer up this video with instructions: For info on how to get the masks to SAFE, click here.

Wilco Mask Brigade
A group in Williamson County called the Wilco Mask Brigade is calling on anyone with experience as an embroiderer or a seamster, or with sewing experience to volunteer to make masks. They provide instructions and specifications needed along with drop off information online. Interested participants can also contact organizers at [email protected] for more information.

And if you’re looking for another quick tutorial, Kendra Scott posted this one on Instagram! Though this might be the best example we found. Here’s how Austin’s own Matthew McConaughey recommends making a mask.

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