Free Fun Activity Alert – Celebrate Letter Writing Month


Did you know that April is National Card and Letter Writing month? Don’t you just love receiving a handwritten note on a gorgeous piece of paper or an extra special card? Texts, emails, and phone calls have taken over. But, how special is it to receive a handwritten note? It’s like getting a big hug in the mail, right? Want to participate in the letter writing challenge? 

Here are 5 ideas to get your kids involved with Letter Writing Month!

  • Writing Tools!

Pens, pencils, crayons… grab your favorite, in your favorite colors and write a colorful letter. Take some time after dinner and make it a family affair. Draw names and have everyone write/ draw something to the person you picked! 

  • Don’t forget Your Pets!

Write a letter to your pet, from your pet or about your pet. You can even include a cute photo as a memory. 

  • Surprise!

Think about someone who means so much to you and send them some snail mail. They will smile knowing you thought of them. 

  • Poem Time! 

Can’t seem to find the words? Use some inspiration from your elementary times and write a Haiku. Make it funny. Your recipient will love it!

  • Into the Future!

If all else fails, write your future self a letter and put it away to read in a year or two. 

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