- January 9, 2017

‘Dream Big’ With This Austin Author’s Newest Children’s Book!


What can a kid learn from a baboon? It might seem like a silly question, but that’s only if you have never read Austin author Kat Kronenberg’s new book Dream Big. As it turns out, baboons can teach us quite a lot!

Set on the African savannah, Kronenberg’s book features a skeptical baboon who meets a caterpillar, a tadpole, and a flamingo, all of whom are driven by what seem like impossible dreams. Can the caterpillar fly like the birds he admires? Can the tadpole dance like the animals with legs? Can the little gray flamingo one day be beautiful?

Photo: Courtesy, Kat Kronenberg.

Photo: Courtesy, Kat Kronenberg

By believing in themselves, the animals achieve their dreams and convince the baboon to try their methods. The gruff baboon is astonished by how the other animals accomplish their dreams. By discovering their secret, he makes his dream come true, too. And together, they help a termite do the same.

Illustrations by Stephanie Dehennin bring vivid images to Kronenberg’s story. Rich oranges and reds of a sunset over the savanna, deep blues and blacks of a starry night, and vibrant patterns of the wild’s creatures await your child on the pages of this book.

Your family will laugh and learn from your first baboon impression (“Wa-Hu-Wa-Hu-Wa”)  to the end of the “Boom Shake Celebration.” And once you’re done, Kat Kronenberg’s online activites will keep the fun and learning going with crafts and coloring. These activities portray “an informative vision for what I hope happens with my book,” Kronenberg told Austin.com.

She has two follow-up books on the way, as well. The saga continues down the generations with Love Big and Live Big, coming soon from Greenleaf Book Group. So stay tuned!

Dream Big is available at local bookstores, Barnes & Noble, and on Amazon. You can meet Kat Kronenberg at Book People on January 29 at 4:00 p.m. where you can buy her book, chat with her, and ask her to autograph your copy. Book People is located in downtown Austin at 603 North Lamar Boulevard.

Check out the book trailer for Dream Big below!

Featured photo courtesy Greenleaf Book Group