- July 2, 2015

Declare Your Independence At These 4th Of July Weekend Shows!


Friday, July 3rd

Big Sam’s Funky Nation at The Parish

New Orleans funk band Big Sam’s Funky Nation are a group that are not only lively, but one that should not be missed, as it is highly likely that you will have a fantastic time. Hailing from New Orleans, the band knows how to put on a great party that will have you dancing all night long. Complete with horns and enthusiastic members, Funky Nation puts on a show that is memorable from start to finish, making it a must see performance to start your weekend off right.

Tickets: $15-20

Little Radar Residency at The Blackheart +21

To kick off your discovery of local music this weekend, we give you Little Radar, a band that is Austin based and has been playing together since 2011. While the group is playing at The Blackheart tonight, if you happen to miss their set, they will be performing at The Blackheart for the entire month of July as part of a residency.

Hightower Band and Moonshine Mafia at The Swandive

If you are looking for a more relaxing start to your weekend, head on down to The Swandive to check out the Hightower Band who are playing alongside Moonshine Mafia. Consistently soulful and saucy, both groups are an entertaining watch and a great way to ease yourself into the holiday weekend.

Viento Callejero at The Mohawk

Viento Callejero, a Los Angeles based cumbia band, is an interesting group to stumble upon. While each member plays standard instruments such as guitar and drums, their preferred genre of cumbia has roots in West Africa and what is now Colombia. During their live shows, they like to give the audience a different experience each night by inviting a musician to perform with them on stage. While it is unknown who will play with them tonight, we guarantee that you will love this band from the moment they hit the stage, as their songs are unlike anything you’ve heard before.

Saturday, July 4th

Third Eye Blind and Dashboard Confessional at the Cedar Park Center

Known for their hits throughout the 1990’s including “Semi-Charmed Life”, Third Eye Blind are hitting the Cedar Park Center with emo band Dashboard Confessional for a fun filled evening that fans of these acts won’t want to miss out on. Each bands energetic and lively show is always one to be remembered, so if you haven’t bought your tickets, we highly suggest you purchase them now. Special guest Quiet Company will be the opening act setting the stage for a great night ahead.

Tickets: $25.50-$49.50

Willie Nelson’s 4th of July Picnic at Austin 360 Amphitheatre

Back again for his annual 4th of July picnic, Willie Nelson will be performing this weekend in Austin along with country artists old and new, such as Nelson’s longtime friend Merle Haggard, and modern day country musicians Eric Church and Hudson Moore. While each artist is from a different end of the country music genre, each musician performing is guaranteed to play catchy songs to spice up your holiday weekend.

Austin Symphony at Vic Mathias Shores (formally Auditorium Shores)

Every year on 4th of July, the Austin Symphony performs to bring the public a lively and visually stunning night of music and fireworks to ring in the holiday. The event is expected to be packed, so we suggest that you get to the event earlier to guarantee yourself a decent seat.

Flash Boys at The Mohawk

Tickets: $28

Local Austin punk band Flash Boys will be exactly what you need to give your Saturday night a jolt. While the group might not be for everyone, their sense of urgency and passion for their music is evident once they first start performing. Playing alongside them are Dead Moon, Natural Child, The Cynics, and Bad Sports. This will certainly be a concert that you will want to tell your co-workers about when you head back into the office on Monday.

Muchos Backflips at Red 7

The last local act on our Top 10 list this week is Austin band Muchos Backflips, a group that provides listeners with a darker and more eerie sounding performance than your average rock band. When the Backflips play, you can feel the creative energy flowing, which makes the music feel more intimate and personal, almost as if it was written just for the fans who are watching the group perform. For those looking for a band who adds some variety to their music, Muchos Backflips is a perfect option.

Tickets: $6 (21+) and $8 (minors)

Sunday, July 5th

Jeff, Animals For Hands, The Blind Owls at The Historic Scoot Inn

While The Blind Owls may look like an old fashioned rock band, their music is even more so. Taking influences from bands such as The Beatles (notice the group’s bass player Carlos Garcia playing a McCartney style bass in the video below), the band is extremely tight, with music that is incredibly catchy, which you won’t be able to ignore. Performing with plenty of energy and presence, The Blind Owls will be the perfect ingredient to shake up your Saturday night, leading everyone to want to talk about the show once it’s over.


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