- July 7, 2016

Craving Catharsis: G’s Dynamite Deli Is SOOO True To Its Namesake


You know that feeling when you want something to eat, but cannot for your life remember what your options are? As if there’s something filling, fresh, local, and accessible… But it’s just beyond the reach of your mind?

If you’re in or near the 78704, you’re in luck. Just stop, BREATHE, and drop into the highly-secluded, fresh, yummy, and hyper-local G’s Dynamite Deli, conveniently located at the intersection of Oltorf and South First Street.

Whatever you were craving, there’s a very good chance G’s has it. If they don’t – oh, they will make it…

Who wants to go clubbing??????

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According to the GM and resident Service-Industry Renaissance-Woman Marianne Ely (2nd cousin of musician Joe Ely): “Half of the sandwiches were client inventions, and the rest we created as we went.”

“What?” Ely asked with a laugh. “I like to play with my food!”

G’s creative and free-thinking approach has resulted in a Torchy’s-like situation, as the expired daily specials have become a sort of secret menu. A personal favorite is the ‘Three Little Piggies,’ off of said secret menu, which contains ham, salami, cheddar, provolone, two types of pickles, pesto mayo, and Sriracha mustard.

You cannot get that anywhere else, unless you’re making it yourself.

We love making beautiful sandwich art!!

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Yeah, that’s right, you can order this sandwhich with SRIRACHA MUSTARD.

You might be thinking, “I am sure, totally positive, that I have never seen a deli, in a house, at Oltorf and South First Street. “ Well, you wouldn’t be wrong.

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In order to get to G’s, you need to drive through the parking lots of both El Tacorrido and Willie’s Service Center and Auto Repair from the Oltorf entrance. If this seems like an inconvenience, just trust that you will forget all about it once you try their sandwiches.

From the mouth-watering Texas Dip on in-house, baked jalapeno cheese bread to the mushroom and brie soup (not to mention The Manwich, The Hot Box, and Carly’s Hot Mess), G’s remains one of the best kept secrets in 78704. Though owner and south Austin local, Gabriel Torres, is considered a salt-of-the-Earth, music-loving, cultured, and generous behind-the-scenes entrepreneur, his Dynamite Deli is just that:


If you’re reading this article on or before July 8, 2016, that date marks their 5-year anniversary. Stop by for a party featuring their always-delicious food, live local music, games, prizes, and all sorts of zaniness, sponsored by Deep Eddy Vodka. It’s a guaranteed good time.