- April 24, 2024

Best Comedians At Moontower Comedy Festival 2024

Each year the Moontower Comedy Festival lineup gets better and better as comedians from around the world come to Austin for the big event. This year’s venues were spread throughout downtown and included some of the best like Antone’s and The Creek and The Cave. If you didn’t make it to this year’s comedy fest, here are some of the comedic highlights of 2024! 

The Best Comedians At Moontower Comedy Festival 2024

Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho headlined the Paramount Theater on Congress Avenue and brought her infamous liberal and laughable views to the stage. No topic was left untouched. From sexual experiences to abortions to the state of our world, Margaret had the whole audience roaring laughing with her own twists and stories. While we were expecting typical Cho humor, she came in punching up even higher and more wild than ever before. 

Tim Robinson

Previously an “SNL” writer, Tim Robinson is most commonly known for his Netflix series, “I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson.” At his sold out set, he showed never before seen skits to the Bass Concert Hall crowd. In true Robinson humor, he had the whole crowd entertained with his friends offering commentary between the sketches. It felt like an intimate hangout… with the most awkward and hilarious state college guys around.

Andrew Schulz

Andrew Schulz packed the Moody Center for his “Andrew Schulz: The Life Tour” tour stop.  Schulz has made a name for himself as not just a great stand up comedian but also host of his unapologetic and uproarious podcast “Flagrant.”  With his witty insights and unfiltered view on life a constant on his podcast, his audience was anticipating this show to have that… and he delivered! Schulz took his audience through the hilarious and raw experience of getting married and taking those next steps as a family.

Ari Shaffir

What is more Austin than celebrating 420 listening to comedy? Doing it at the iconic Paramount Theater with Ari Shaffir! His latest special, “Ari Shaffir: Jew” (available on Youtube) features his views on the religion that he was raised in. His new hour is even better and full of pure Shaffir humor. The crowd work at his Moontower show kept the crowd laughing, but his views on various topics had us bent over trying not to pee. He is also known to make appearances at Joe Rogan’s club, Comedy Mothership, when he is in town.

Missed this year’s Moontower Comedy Festival? It will be back in 2025! Keep tabs on dates and more info here!