- May 1, 2017

You Will Swoon Over These Cute Austin Food Creations

As Austinites, we have a civic duty to keep this town weird, so let’s play with some food. We put together a list of some of the cutest bites around. A list that includes a little something for everyone. The best part? All of these shops love seasonal sweets and savory treats, so you’ll never be bored by the menu. Perfect for birthdays and anniversaries, so be sure to scoop something sweet for your sweetie, something cute for your cutie. Here’s your treasure map to the dearest little treats.

Eat your heart out, Texas.

Wu Chow Austin

Now this is a dining establishment with ideals and ambition. Wu Chow really does do the most clever stuff to their baos, like these adorable roosters that they created for Chinese New Year. A quick peek at their Instagram feed also shows off peach-shaped buns, rose dumplings for Valentine’s Day, visually stunning high end desserts, and more. Keep checking back to see how crafty these buns can be! Side note, the service is a dream. Gimme some of that dim sum.

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