- October 2, 2023

Attention Pumpkin Spice Lovers! Here Are The Best Places In Austin For Pumpkin Flavored Treats


It’s that time of year again, the weather is getting cooler, by 10 degrees, and fall flavors like all time favorite Pumpkin Spice are slowly making an appearance all over Austin.

While some of you love pumpkin spice, some of you also really dislike pumpkin spice. For example, Southside Flying Pizza made it adamantly clear one year that they do NOT offer anything pumpkin flavored.

Pumpkin Spice

But lucky for all you pumpkin flavored fans, many other Austin businesses do.

Here’s where you can get your pumpkin spice fix on in the ATX!

Mozart’s Cafe | 3825 Lake Austin Boulevard

This Austin staple is bringing back its fall drink menu and they’re serving up some delicious cozy vibes per usual! First up is their refreshing iced pumpkin draft: a harmonious blend of velvety nitro cold brew, luscious cream, and pumpkin pie sauce. It’s perfect for when you want the fall vibes but Texas weather just isn’t complying. If you’re looking for something warm and comforting try their pumpkin pie latte, available hot or iced. Made with rich espresso combined with creamy milk, elevated by the delectable embrace of pumpkin pie sauce.⁠ Not into coffee but still want something refreshing but also cozy? Try their iced apple chai. Stay tuned for their fall dessert menu!

Tiny Pies | Multiple Locations

We love Tiny Pies all year but their fall menu is a special kind of love! Because when we think fall, we think pies. There are so many delicious options to choose from. The best part? They’re tiny so you won’t feel guilty getting one of everything! Just maybe don’t eat it all in one sitting, or do. Who are we to judge? Their October specials are, pumpkin cheesecake, and newcomer, peanut caramel crunch!⁠ It’s made with a malted milk chocolate mousse filling, crunchy peanuts, and gooey caramel, this pie is their take on a classic candy bar. Can you guess which one?⁠ Try these pies and so much more at Tiny Pies!

Summer Moon | Multiple Locations

It’s a little too soon for chestnuts roasting on an open fire, so why not Summer Moon’s wood-fired espresso? Add in moon milk, and autumn and winter spices and you’ve got the perfect latte. Try autumn moon and winter moon hot or ice. Their newest fall drink is the maple praline latte, also served hot or iced! The drink is made with subtle maple and roasted chestnuts paired with oak-roasted espresso to create the perfect fall drink!⁠ We suggest iced because fall weather is nowhere in sight.

Jo’s Coffee | Multiple Locations

Jo’s Coffee fall drink specials are delish and this year’s drink lineup is no different. First up is, campfire cold brew. Made with cold brew, oat milk, toasted marshmallow, chocolate and vanilla. Then there’s the classic, pumpkin latte. Made with espresso, pumpkin, milk, and Jo’s special spices! Next is a little something special for non-coffee drinkers! The horchata chai is made with chai, caramel, vanilla, and milk. Last, but surely not least is the bananas foster latte. Which includes espresso, banana, caramel, butter pecan, milk, and whipped cream. Run, don’t walk!

Dear Diary Coffee | 1212 Chicon Street

Dear Diary Coffee announced their fall menu and it looks delicious. Pumpkin spice latte, golden maple latte, slated caramel chair latte and spiced vanilla latte! Bonus, they have caramel apple and chocolate hazelnut toaster pastries! Name a better combo, we’ll wait!

Fleet Coffee Co. | Multiple Locations

Fleet just released their fleet of fall drinks and it’s a good one! Their house-made flavors include, brown sugar pumpkin spice and smoked sea salt butterscotch! Their specialty drinks this season are The Routine Tootin, Honey Bun Ritual, and Harvest Moon Spritz! You can try these at their Manor and Webberville locations.

Flinch Coffee | 641 Tillery Street

Flinch is keeping it simple again this fall. They’ve brought back their homemade, vegan pumpkin caramel sauce for your hot and iced drink of choice! You can add a little or a lot of pumpkin to your drink of choice!

Maha Coffee | 2324 South Lamar Boulevard

The Magical Maha Mavens are serving up their seasonal maple pumpkin spice latte. Go sip on this magic drink and nibble on a gluten-free muffin. Their cafe is 100% gluten-free. Everything is organic, scratch-made, and gluten-free!

Julie Myrtille Bakery | Multiple Locations

Julie Myrtille Bakery set out to capture the flavors of fall and based on their fall menu, they did just that. Pumpkin coffee cake, butterscotch blondies, and chocolate eclairs! You can find all these seasonal treats at their farmer’s market stand and their bakery. Trust us, they’re worth every bite!

Quack’s 43rd Street Bakery | Multiple Locations

Pie season is here and Quack’s has got you covered! They’ll be serving up pumpkin, pecan, and chocolate pecan pies until January! These delicious pies will be available at all three of their locations along with plenty of other delicious goodies!

Revival Coffee | 1405 East 7th Street

Everyone’s favorite all-pink coffee shop has dropped their fall menu and you’ll be tickled pink! They’ll be serving up pumpkin spice chai and brown sugar pecan lattes all fall long! The pumpkin spice chai latte is a blend of homemade pumpkin syrup, chai magic, and your milk of choice, crowned with cinnamon crumbs. While the brown sugar pecan latte, features their luscious pecan syrup, a shot of espresso, your favorite milk, topped with velvety cold foam and a drizzle of brown sugar sweetness. Don’t forget to grab a pastry to go along with your festive drinks!

Houndstooth Coffee | Multiple Locations

Houndstooth is bringing their Spooky Spice back from the dead! Their house-made multi-spiced favorite latte is here to haunt us again. Make sure to ask your barista to “spook” it up!

Foxtrot Market | Multiple Locations

Foxtrot Market opened four locations here in Austin this year. Now they’re bringing you their delicious fall menu to all four locations. Stop by to check out them out if you haven’t already and while you’re there grab a pumpkin pie latte and a caramel apple latte! Just wait until you try the crumbled graham crackers on top of the pumpkin pie latte. Both beverages can be made hot or iced and can be picked up or delivered. Talk about convenient!

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