- September 12, 2016

Austinites Remember Sept. 11 Attacks By Walking Up Mount Bonnell 40 Times


Every year on September 11, hundreds of memorials take place throughout the country to honor those who lost their lives in the 2001 terrorist attack. Austin is no exception.

Local businesses Bigger Faster Stronger and Hit It and Quit It organized a healthy way to honor the victims of 9/11. For the last two anniversaries, both companies have partnered with Wings for Warriors, a charity which helps wounded veterans earn their rightful benefits as they transition back into civilian life, as a way to give back to everyone who has served.

The tribute involves walking up Mount Bonnell 40 times to represent the number of stairs in both towers. Ever since Wings for Warriors has taken part in the memorial, men and women in uniform and first responders have done the walk in full gear to represent the courage and bravery of the police officers, firefighters, and everyone in the towers who lost their lives on September 11.

Each year, the event begins at 8 am with an intermission to take a moment of silence at 8:46 am, which is the time the first plane hit. For next year’s event, you need to register beforehand, but you do not need to start the walk right at 8 am as you can take as much time as you need to finish.

To find out more about the event, check out the video below with footage from the 2015 walk. If you would like to donate to Wings For Warriors, you can do so here.

Featured photo: Instagram, GRIT Strength, 2016 walk