- March 1, 2023

Austinites Can Boost Charitable Giving with Amplify Austin Day

Nearly 700+ nonprofits are gearing up for one of Austin’s biggest fundraising days as Amplify Austin, a program of I Live Here, I Give Here, is set to start in a matter of hours. The 24 hour event kicks off at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, March 1.

From the Amplify Austin website:

Amplify Austin was founded by I Live Here I Give Here in 2013 and is the biggest day of giving in Central Texas. For 24 hours, March 1-2, 2022, Amplify Austin brings our entire community together to give to local nonprofits. In the past nine years alone, this fundraising event has raised over $81.5M for hundreds of local organizations, including $12.5M for 684 Central Texas nonprofits in 2021.


Donating during the 24 hour period helps nonprofits even more than your standard donation (though those are always encouraged) because your gift will be amplified by matching incentive dollars from sponsors. There are also various contests run throughout the giving period that nonprofits may be able to win based on community support. And as these are all 501(c)3 public charities certified by the IRS, your gift is tax deductible.

The day supports a variety of nonprofits for donors to choose from, in a variety of areas including animal care and services, education, arts and culture, and more. Austinites are encouraged to support by donating themselves or by fundraising for the cause of their choice. Businesses and university students are encouraged to participate, as well as individuals, and all of the needed tools can be found on their website.

One of the tricky things about living in a city like Austin is that there are so many great organizations to support. For those of us without a large amount of donatable income, the Amplify Austin past requirement of a minimum $25 donation wasn’t necessarily feasible to support multiple donations. Though a $25 minimum is still encouraged, Amplify Austin has lowered the minimum donation to $5, making multiple donations a little easier. 

One Donation to Fund Them All

Donations to the I Live Here I Give Here Amplify Fund support every nonprofit on the AmplifyATX.org platform. Thanks to the Amplify Fund, most nonprofits were reimbursed for their costs to participate on Amplify Austin Day and hundreds received additional cash incentives. To date, the Amplify Fund has given $12 million back to these nonprofits on Amplify Austin Day.⁠ You can donate to the Amplify Fund directly here or add an additional donation at checkout on AmplifyATX.org.

Featured photo via Amplify Austin