- November 18, 2016

Austin Water is Setting Water Prices Right Now! Here are Some Tips to Save You Money

It’s that time of the year again — when Austin Water uses your end-of-the-year behavior to figure out just what to charge customers in its annual wastewater averaging cycle. In case you didn’t know how it worked — Austin Water calculates wastewater costs based on the amount of water used during three consecutive billing periods that occur between mid-November and mid-March. Because less outside water is used during these months, it’s a good measure of the volume sent to the wastewater system.

This is also a good time for customers to lower their billing costs by conserving water, so we figured we’d share a few Dos and Don’ts for conserving water:


Do this: See if Austin Water’s Water Reclaim program is right for you and your household.

Not this: Because as much as we love our pets here in Austin, this is taking reclaiming water just a bit too far.



Do this: Turn off the water while shaving, brushing your teeth, etc. And make sure to fix leaky faucets quickly.

Not this: As cute as this guy is, this is probably not the most effective way to collect or conserve water.


Do this: Turn off your irrigation system for the fall and winter months.

Not this: And though it breaks our hearts to say it, this is probably not the best time of the year to spray water all over a random baby rhino in your yard (I know, we’re monsters).



Do this: Install a rain barrel or rainwater harvesting system to capture rainwater from your roof for use on your landscape. Rebates may be available from Austin Water.

Not this: Definitely none of this. No matter how many friends you think it will help you gain.


Do this: Use one glass for drinking water each day or refill a water bottle to cut down on the number of classes you need to wash.

Not this: Same for you, ladies. Yes, we all want to look like Beyoncé, but this is just not the way to go about it.



Do this: Learn about challenges facing area water supplies and get involved in local water management issues. Attend public meetings to voice your questions and concerns about water policies. Get involved with great nonprofit conservation groups like Colorado River Alliance, Barton Springs Conservancy, Keep Austin Beautiful, and Save Our Springs Alliance.

Not this: Ok, just kidding — if you ever have the chance, definitely do this.


Visit Austin Water to find the dates for your wastewater averaging period, for tools to help you estimate your wastewater average, and for more conservation ideas.

Featured photo from Pixabay