- August 2, 2018

Three Lesser Known Austin Vodka Distilleries You Need To Check Out

When people set off on a tasting tour of Austin-based liquor distilleries, they usually focus on beverages such as tequila or mezcal. Few people know that Austin boasts several vodka distilleries other than Tito’s Handmade Vodka, but there are in fact quite a few other Austin vodka producers who make a superb product and provide tasting tours on little notice.

So to bring you up to speed, here are a few of our favorite up-and-coming Austin vodka makers out there right now…

Banner Distilling

Located just outside of Austin, in Manor, this small batch distillery was hand built by partners Logan Simpson and Tony Jimenez. After your first visit, you’ll fall in love with this vodka — and now they’re also making whiskey!

Banner Vodka has won numerous awards in its short history and is made from organic corn, wheat, sugar cane and  pure Texas rainwater for a clean finish.

Findlay’s Vodka

Made in a warehouse in a reflux still, Findlay’s offers two vodkas – Findlay’s Vodka (Premium) and Findlay’s Black Bee Vodka (Ultra Premium). Both are distilled from Texas honey – yes, honey! – while the premium also contains dark brown cane sugar. The taste as you can imagine is sweet and smooth.

Located in Round Rock, just north of Austin, this vodka is hand made by Frank Findlay Jr and family. From building the still to labeling the bottles, Frank does it all with the help of his dad, wife, and nieces. In production just a few years, this vodka is distinct and great chilled on the rocks.

Austin vodka

ATX Vodka

Also north of Austin in Pflugerville, ATX Vodka has come onto to Austin vodka scene strong. Owners Rob and Ruby Sangiovanni of Sangiovanni Distilling want to Keep Austin Drinking Local. You can find them participating at events and doing tastings themselves in liquor stores most weekends. Out in the market less than a year, they are making quite an impression.

All-to-Xcellence (ATX) is made from grain and is 10x distilled for a silky, spicy finish, with a hint of sweetness from the corn.

Austin vodka

All of these can be found at your local liquor stores for purchase. Cheers!