Feeling The Heat? Austin’s Snow Cone Makers Are Your Perfect Chill Spot


There’s something nostalgic about snow cones. Maybe it goes back to little league, when we’d run from the dugout to the concession stand after a game and hurriedly line up for our free, tasty treats.

Only winners got trophies at the end of the year in little league, but everyone got snow cones after every game. If your team won, your snow cone capped off what was already a successful weekday night. If you lost, you had a pick-me-up snack, ready and waiting for you, in any flavor you wanted. Grape, cherry, watermelon, lime, blue raspberry, or maybe all of them together!

Whether you call them snow cones, snow balls, raspas, sno, or whatever — shaved ice covered in sweet syrup makes up a simple and satisfying summertime treat. Thankfully, you don’t have to play a tee-ball game anymore as a prerequisite.

It is hard to drive anywhere in town during the summer without seeing Austin snow cone stands. You can find them set up in parking lots and among other vendors at food trailer parks. No matter which cuisine tickles your fancy at the food trailer park, a snow cone is the perfect summer dessert and usually just a few yards or blocks away.

While many snow cone operations are one-truck outfits, there are some sellers who have multiple outlets around town. Take Sweet Caroline’s Snow Shack, for example. As the weather gets hotter, they open more snow cone stands. You can usually find them in Circle C Ranch, on Highway 183 at Anderson Mill Rd., and on Mesa Dr.

If you aren’t near any of the Sweet Caroline’s locations, your other best bets for shaved ice include Casey’s New Orleans Snowballs, Jim-Jim’s Water Ice, Sno-Beach, and 512 SNO, just to name a few.

Snow cone stand owners and their (usually teenage) workers are out there sweating to keep you cool, so stop by and let them know you appreciate it! You’ll be happy you did, particularly after getting your first in-person look at one of these delicious creations.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! We have all 4 windows open to keep that service fast. Have a safe, happy, and nostalgic time this weekend.

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We are open! Come have your first snocone of the season!

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Stay cool out there, ATX!

Featured photo: Flickr user frontriver, creative commons licensed.