Attention, all Austin witches and wizards! You’re probably aware that November 17 marks the premiere of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, a film adaptation based after British novelist J. K. Rowling’s most recent literary installment in her Harry Potter saga.

Well, considering that, and having thoroughly enjoyed Pottermore‘s new Patronus quiz, we wondered: if magical Austinites cast Patronus spells to repel Dementors, which local creatures would their guardians resemble?

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We can tell you’re totally curious, so go on! Take this quiz to find out your Central Texas Patronus:

Your stomach is growling. What are you going to eat?
A big ol\' salad
Fruit & nut trail mix or a granola bar
Bugs and shit
Rodents and fish... mmmm
A balanced diet of meats & veggies
Roadkill please!
Only tacos

You're bored. What are you going to do for fun?
Run or bike the Lady Bird Lake trail
Go climbing at Austin Rock Gym
Take a leisurely stroll or sit and watch people downtown
Party. All. Night.
Go for a refreshing swim in Barton Springs
Make sweet music
Eat tacos

When faced with danger, is your natural instinct to fight or flee?
Neither. Taco nomming is never dangerous.
Neither. I play dead or hide behind stuff.

In terms of height, are you tall, short or average?
In terms of height, are you tall, short or average?

You're going shopping for some new clothes. What's your mentality?
I want stuff that\'s practical and comfortable.
I\'d prefer to blend in.
I want all eyes on me.

Do you prefer hanging out alone, with just a few great friends, or in big groups?
I prefer being alone.
The more company, the better!
I only really enjoy hanging out with close friends and family.

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Featured photo: Flickr user Jon Nelson, CC licensed