Austin Finally Made Its Debut On This Long Running Reality Show

If some of the streets and landmarks on Spike TV’s season 29 premiere of “COPS” (29 seasons?!?!) looks familiar, it’s because the show finally filmed with the Austin Police Department for the first time. According to KEYE, the APD filmed with the show for eight weeks at the end of 2015. Last night’s debut of the episode includes one segment in Austin.

The segment takes us down to Slaughter Ln in pursuit of a motorcycle driver who is driving out of control. A quick shot of Whataburger lets us know that the police have arrived at their destination before we follow along behind the driver. Spoiler: there is mention of Brackenridge. Things don’t go so well.

The other two segments in the episode are from Pensacola and Boise, so you can stop at the end of the first segment, but be sure to keep your eyes peeled for upcoming segments in Austin throughout the season.

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Featured image screen shot from Spike TV’s “COPS”