- September 8, 2016

Austin Band Wildfires Has A Crowd-Winning Single In ‘Undead Fun’


Austin indie band Wildfires has a new single, “Undead Fun,” off their brand-new album Aquas Frescas (Part Two), out September 7, and it deserves a listen.

Keeping with a mid-tempo feel throughout the track, the band gets their style across quite well, with a relaxed vibe that feels similar to British band Viola Beach. Making music with its own personality is definitely what this band is all about, and it seems like a real audience-pleaser. Although it’s a bit repetitive, Wildfires has a single that is glistening with beauty, and almost guarantees that more Austin residents will get a chance to discover their talents.

Check out “Undead Fun” below.

Featured photo: Wildfires

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