- June 27, 2016

Austin Band Institute Talks Punk And Melodic Influences With Jane Pain


While Austin has a thriving punk scene with plenty of bands to go around, perhaps its most melodic rockers belong to the band Institute. Mixing elements of pop with their energetic punk riffs and occasionally gothic tones, their unique angle makes each song an enjoyable experience no matter your favorite genre.

For more, check out band members Moses Brown’s and Arak Avakian’s interview with New York-based music website Jane Pain.

“The whole theme of Institute is really influenced by Dada stuff,” Brown told the music blog. “I am into abstracting Dada. Stupid shit. Dada was already about the absurd, so I’ve just been making it even more absurd by cutting images up and scrambling them around. I wanna steal things and take them to a next step. I am not sure how it connects to the music really, except that Dada is punk. The new personal art I’m trying to make is honestly informed by Institute art.”

Check out their latest album, “Catharsis,” by clicking on the image above. It’s available on BandCamp for $9.