Artist Miranda Robinson Explains Why Austin’s Growth Is Exciting But Bittersweet


This week’s episode of “Day Drinkin’ with Arcie Cola and” features avid cyclist, burlesque entertainer, and artist Miranda Robinson.

Miranda is part of the much-hyped “creative class” that makes Austin so attractive to developers and re-locators alike. Not only is Miranda an artist, she’s active in many charitable causes too, donating her time, talent, and resources to events like Queerbomb (an LGBTQIA rally) and Lingerace (a cycling charity).

Without folks like Miranda, Austin just wouldn’t be Austin.

I had a chance to day drink with Miranda on her own turf, a condo in north-central Austin, complete with a fancy pool that she readily admits is a rare luxury for folks in her vocation. “I’ve been fortunate because my mom bought an older condo unit back in 2005 and I live there,” she said. “Because we’re family, she allows me to pay what I can afford in rent, instead of charging me market value.”

When asked about Austin’s runaway growth, she bluntly stated her opinion. “On the one hand, I prefer growing up over out, and I think mixed-use residential and retail spaces, high-rise condos, and apartment buildings help prevent suburban sprawl,” Miranda said. “On the other hand, I hate seeing old homes in my neighborhood being torn down to build expensive duplexes that none of us can afford.”

The realities of Austin’s growth do not escape her, and she is unsure of her future here. “I have mixed feelings about the rapid development that’s been a part of Austin since I first moved here in the mid-90’s,” Miranda said. “I know it’s only a matter of time before property taxes increase to the point where I’ll have to move out.”

Despite those concerns, Miranda still loves Austin and frequently takes advantage of its many amenities. “I love being able to ride my bike downtown and run the trail around Lady Bird Lake, hike on the greenbelt, or take a dip in the springs,” she said. “The Hill Country is just beautiful, with so many wonderful state parks, swimming holes, and hiking trails right outside of town.”

Warning: Some mildly NSFW content follows…

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