Alright, Austin Newbies: Here’s Your Animated SXSW Survival Guide

Austin is a city constantly turning over with fresh faces and new ideas, so it comes as no surprise to us that Slate recently declared our fair city “the boomingest big city of all.” And this article, well, Slate brought facts and statistics. In other words, there are a lot of newbies in our midst, and somebody’s got to educate these poor saplings before they get eaten alive downtown.

If you are new to Austin and kinda think you want to go to SXSW, but you haven’t made a plan, we’ll say this one time only: you will not have a good time. But if you’re wise, make a plan, and go prepared, you will really enjoy yourself.  Here’s how we would handle this, were we a newbie in your position…


10.) For God’s Sake, Don’t Drive Downtown


Oh, you were hoping to drive on the roads? And find parking? That’s cute. Abandon all hope of using private transportation and catch an Uber or Lyft, use Cap Metro’s trip planner, or snag a bike from Austin B-Cycle.