- April 1, 2021

5 Ways to Keep Everyone Laughing on April Fools’ Day!

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April Fools’ Day is a great day to have a little extra free fun with everyone in your house! There are so many ways to use what you have around the house and surprise them with a little extra humor. Remember that the idea is to keep them wanting more. 

Here Are 5 Ways to Keep Everyone Laughing on April Fools’ Day!

5. Toilet Paper Jokes

Roll the toilet paper down a little and use a sharpie to write a funny joke. Roll the paper back up to hide your writing. Wait for a few chuckles next time someone uses the bathroom. 

4. Underwear Swap

Swap your underwear for theirs. In the morning, they will be surprised when all they can find in their drawers are the wrong sized underwear. 

3. Brown “E”

Cut out a lot of  “E” letters out of brown paper. Place them in a dish covered in foil. Let them know you’ve made some delicious brownies. 

2. Color the Liquid 

Take some food coloring and color all the liquids for the day that color. Blue water, blue milk. The options are endless. You can place a colored q-tip in the bathroom sink faucet and the water will also come out that color. 

1. Funny Voice  

Pick a funny voice or funny word and only speak to everyone that way all day. It will drive them crazy but also make them come up with one of their own. 

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Featured photo by Alex Green on Pexels.