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5 FREE Things To Do In Round Rock

You know we’re all about free here at Free Fun in Austin. And just because Austin is in our name, it doesn’t mean we don’t include those areas outside the city limits. In fact, we love the areas outside the city limits. So, for those of you who live or like to explore in the surrounding areas, this one’s for you.

Here are our five favorite free things to do in Round Rock, Texas!

1. See The Round Rock For Which The Town Was Named

Did you know that there is an actual round rock in Round Rock? Yep, that’s how the town got its name. You can park across the street, visit the cattle statues along the Chisholm Trail (500 Chisholm Trail Road) and then walk down to the rock. Once you’ve found it (yes, it’s that big round rock!), hike along the creek and discover the wagon wheel ruts embedded in the rocky ground. If you wish to continue your adventure, you can keep walking along the creek all the way across the bridge and over to the Memorial Park playground where you can see geese and ducks in the Brushy Creek.

2. Watch The Round Rock Bats

Everyone knows Austin is world famous for its bat population, but did you know that Round Rock has its own bat colony? Some say it’s just as impressive (some say it’s moreso!). The Mexican free-tailed bats emerge at dusk from under the McNeil Road overpass and I-35 bridge intersection in Round Rock. They can be seen from March through November. Free parking is located in the NAPA Auto Parts parking lot (601 S I-35). To enhance your bat-watching experience, bring chairs, blankets, water, snacks, and hats. And remember, never touch the bats!

bats fly out from under a bridge at dusk

                                   Photo credit: roundtherocktx.com

3. Spend the Day With Your Dog

The Round Rock Dog Depot is over an acre of leash free area for pups. The fenced park features a tire jump, A-frame contact ramp, and a tunnel. There is ample open space for running and playing. There are three areas: a large dog area, a small dog (under 40 lbs.) area and a rotation area to allow for grass regrowth and general maintenance to the park. 

4. Explore Prete Main Street Plaza

Looking for old-school, small town charm? Look no further than Round Rock’s Main Street. You’ll find boutiques, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, salons, and the library. But perhaps the place that has the most going on is the Prete Plaza on Main Street. During the summer, it transforms into a popular splash pad to cool off your little ones. But it’s so much more than that! During the fall and winter, you’ll find free Halloween and Christmas events there. Throughout the year, other fun events happen there, like free yoga, free movies and free live music. It’s also a very popular PokeStop. 

round rock

5. Visit A Park

Round Rock is home to over 20 parks, some of them among the best in all of Austin! The Joanne Land Playground at Old Settlers and Play For All Abilities Park are two favorites in the area.

Old Settlers Park (3300 Palm Valley Boulevard) is a giant park that offers more than you could possibly do in one day including fishing, all the sports, and several playgrounds. Joanne Land Playground is probably everyone’s current favorite. A huge draw is a zip line called the Gravity Rail, where kids can climb on a swing that glides along a track speeds to a downward slope, curves up a hill that carries kids up, then down again. It’s certainly a unique feature that is a big draw for families.

Joanne Land

Play For All Abilities Park (151 North AW Grimes Boulevard) is a one-of-a-kind park that is perfect for all ages and abilities. Our favorite part is the mini-town, where you can ride bikes or scooters (don’t forget to bring your own!) around realistic streets, complete with working traffic lights. There are swings, climbing structures, sand pits, musical instruments, and more. 

play for all abilities

Bonus: Not Free, But A Must-Do:

We would be remiss if we didn’t include the world-famous Round Rock Donuts on our list of things to do in Round Rock. The donuts are legendary, especially the enormous Texas-sized donut. If you make it all the way out to Round Rock, you don’t want to miss these donuts!

Round Rock Donuta

Photo via Round Rock Donuts on Instagram.

Unless otherwise noted, all photos by NA Estrada.

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