- March 28, 2017

Joanne Land Playground Is Round Rock’s Hottest New Place To Play!


Does the new Joanne Land Playground in Round Rock live up to its hype? This unique playscape offers equipment like nothing your kids have played on before! Read all about our adventure at this exciting new park.

Joanne Land Playground

My daredevil kids are aspiring American Ninja Warriors, so this playground was right up their alley. They spent most of their time waiting in line to ride the swing zipline called the Gravity Rail.

Gravity Rail at Joanne Land Playground

After riding the zipline over and over again, they finally moved on to the tunnels, climbing structures, obstacles courses, and slides.

Joanne Land Playground Climbing Structures


Go during an off-time, as this playground gets crazy crowded! Bring a kite to fly in the adjacent open field because there’s plenty of wind out there. Pack a picnic and stay to eat next to the lake. You can even bring fishing poles and fish from the banks or the dock.

The lake at Old Settlers

Sunscreen and water are necessary, as there isn’t a lot of shade.

The bathroom situation is less than ideal, so plan accordingly. If the one closest to the playground isn’t doing it for you, try the portable restrooms at the Virgil Rabb Pavilion or the permanent restrooms by the tennis courts.

Bring your toddlers, too. There is a smaller playground next to the large one that’s just for the little guys and girls.

Toddler Playscape at Joanne Land Playground

This park is FREE and parking is free, too! Nearby restaurants (that also have playgrounds) are Hat Creek Burger Company and Salt Lick BBQ.

Joanne Land Playground (Located next to the Lakeside Pavilion in Old Settlers Park)
1371 Harrell Pkwy
Round Rock, TX 78665