- January 28, 2015

10 Things Every Austinite Is Guaranteed To Say At Least Once This Year


The stereotype of Austin is that we’re a bunch of granola chomping, hike and bike trail running, live music listening, wanna-be hippies here, right? There’s definitely some truth to that, but it’s not entirely accurate.

To really capture a proper stereotype of Austin, you must turn to YouTube for the series “Sh*t Austinites Say.” Here’s one of our favorite episodes:

Sound familiar? Yeah, thought so. Most of the material still holds up, but does anyone even use Foursquare anymore? This video was clearly produced in 2012.

Inspired by this take on stereotypical Austinite sayings, we decided to create an updated list for 2015. So, here are the 10 things you are guaranteed to hear Austinites say this year…

10.) “Share the road.”

Photo: <a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/biketexas/7540643146" target="_blank">Flickr user Bike Texas</a>, creative commons licensed.

Photo: Flickr user Bike Texas, creative commons licensed.

It feels like Austin builds as many feet of bike lanes as vehicle lanes. But when there isn’t a dedicated bike lane, drivers and cyclists have to coexist. Austin drivers want to get where they’re going fast, so drivers and cyclists

don’t always get along. But we can all agree we want everyone to get to their destinations safely.

9.) “Are you going to the festival?”

Photo: <a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/daverugby83/5565111720/in/photolist-9tLDQ5-69TU7W-qgzRTW-69PN6H-69TTaf-69TWzf-69U2P9-69PLZX-69PJoi-69U3xm-69U1wh-69PRqM-69TZRL-69PLgF-69PKpi-69PHHe-69TUnY-69PHWz-69PQHH-69PLJD-69PMx6-69PQXM-69PMRV-69TTTm-69TUBj-69U41C-54xiG1-9s9xu1-4yjL76-4yjLYk-pSEaQv-54t3BF-69vRc1-pdkMe6-4PAZzJ-bge5B-qiRm2M-pSFtSP-9s9Aos-pSxq2S-pSDVaD-q9Vbbr-pSFkeg-9s9zuG-9s9Aao-9s6ARM-69TTGy-69TWgf-9zPkKC-54xgXj" target="_blank">Flickr user Davidlohr Bueso</a>, creative commons licensed.

Photo: Flickr user Davidlohr Bueso, creative commons licensed.

Music festivals are a huge tourist draw for Austin. South by Southwest and Austin City Limits stretch the limits of the airport and highways, but they also stretch the wallets of local business owners and the treasuries of local taxing entities. In addition to music festivals, Austin has comedy, film and food festivals. Many Austinites become tourists in their own town on festival weekends.

8.) “When is it going to rain?”

Photo: <a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/adamhirschhorn/203439343/in/photolist-dxGsdb-d1Bud5-iYFqT-dJdFkt-dS2u5i-dHoBc1-duJkxu-9iETrp-hh3UrZ-9zj7qn-3aBCTy-dJj8do-fjFaWp-epZipg-hpXk7C-bWUa38-dEAJAy-eQxUeG-hpoMXC-hpoSYY-hg95Hg-gJKxnh-hh2VAf-dR1nEn-cQqekw-e1cjx4-doTaEz-p5DtBx-6Hk1Xn-duCJFv-bUJmTn-cc6Ajo-4NtPUD-2dMKeS-eNJZgg-ntjmka-d766ss-cBVXGU-4UNFdA-nc61dw-dc3pk1-56hPBo-dxGs57-dJdFcB-dJdEXt-eyaE8-66SpW-cc6ArG-cBVZwm-dp2ckk" target="_blank">Flickr user Adam Hirschhorn</a>, creative commons licensed.

Photo: Flickr user Adam Hirschhorn, creative commons licensed.

The multi-year drought continues to suck local lakes and lawns dry. Rain is rare and welcome. But Murphy’s Law says the rain comes on Friday afternoons and the day after your weekly watering day.

7.) “You’re going to Dallas (or Houston)? I’m sorry.”  

Photo: <a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/roberthensley/13511664465/in/photolist-mzYP7a-7JcaYe-mA6pxw-o2Q2ix-o2rmaK-HFY7j-6RMvt-8hV3eu-8hV3fC-8hV3e9-8n3m12-5NDGrz-53Urhp-6aXTcd-4im9wQ-HG72p-973zko-6shUV9-6sdNJx-ayqBGa-6aXAH3-bLbxZB-p2keBo-4uAtRs-HFewb-cCQApE-3f3C8V-MHfj5-MHfkA-psib9r-4q6Fue-ni3ezi-4qaJDY-7ri35h-4PfecR-a3iQKF-5XN2cv-HFmL7-3NTjbh-5KzfqU-HAnEf-p3xvky-oynN69-8QRzMg-hzfVm8-bgE2aX-hze1Gc-5tuDCz-f7AKym-7UZtCK" target="_blank">Flickr user Robert Hensley</a>, creative commons licensed.

Photo: Flickr user Robert Hensley, creative commons licensed.

Austinites love Texas, but they tend to look down on other parts of the state, especially other big cities. Houston and Dallas are common targets for jokes. But they’re both part of Texas, so no one else better rag on them. Only Austinites can and only out of pity. And we only roast the ones we love.

6.) “Hook ‘em, Horns!”

Photo: Flickr user Niyantha Shekar, creative commons licensed. https://www.flickr.com/photos/niyantha/2134795588

Photo: Flickr user Niyantha Shekar, creative commons licensed.

Even Austinites who never set foot in a UT classroom root for the Longhorns … unless they went to rival schools. On top of all the non-alums, the school cranks out thousands of new graduates each year. Many of them stay right here in Austin after they cross the stage and turn their tassels.

5.) “Do they allow dogs in here?”

Photo: <a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/wadeferd/13258419433/in/photolist-mcASbv-7Zv3ct-q2vLcp-59yWX3-59uHte-59uH7r-59yWSq-59uHbV-59uHfV-59yWyb-2NZd1h-bkya5A-nibyeW-67gjiU" target="_blank">Flickr user Wade Treichler</a>, creative commons licensed.

Photo: Flickr user Wade Treichler, creative commons licensed.

Austinites bring their dogs everywhere. Dogs show up just about everywhere people do, and there are countless dog parks designed specifically to let Fido run free. It is common to see dogs and their people in the hardware store, on a jogging trail and at an al fresco lunch. Do they allow dogs in here? Of course!

4.) “Traffic sucks!”

Photo: <a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/rutlo/3646376308/in/photolist-KjqcE-Kjqcy-94Rkx-6nW8NV-bAEY3y-e2D76A-6ydCD3-8JuRk9-3cGYqH-3cMozu-LbmaS-i3Mrh-5Ekzsd-5Emzeh-6GJkzR-7Jwe5r-6GGwGi-6GGx2n-6wpxkM-6uHYDj-FR1NX-69N6JQ-7J3bQV-8suYWe-64goG-68FE4W-4KpNeq-6aJeTW-6yWgWq-6baw1K-6ydUKY-8ZwV3j-7JrZyh-6GNppA-8xRuQv-7JrYQC-6wq6Q4-68BrPz-6GMm3h-6uHJ5d-6wdeVX-6yeboL-6GMkz5-6HCg2f-6yWgFW-69HS1i-6wHYYG-6whuqG-6whuo1-6M43er" target="_blank">Flickr user Matthew Rutledge</a>, creative commons licensed.

Photo: Flickr user Matthew Rutledge, creative commons licensed.

It is no secret traffic is a beast in Austin. Interstate 35 is a parking lot most days; MoPac should be called SlowPac; and surface streets clog up at busy intersections. Despite the daily back-ups, people continue to move here in droves. They bemoan the traffic, but they wouldn’t live anywhere else. And neither would you.

3.) “No, you pronounce it …”

Photo: <a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/carbonnyc/496721450/in/photolist-KTPYW-6dDSrE-bGeZjP-6xFWc6-odJJtK-65MDht-4U34kL-p8wQt4-7xGRFG-gDHBLt-y1vFR-9NhKm7-4Vng8y-3yL2ur-4D7JwS-a9Wnir-hN3Ejn-gzX3d-hQmQ42-oWgAKU-7nzkbN-epJTZJ-nE3mRW-HS66y-7VfXgH-46Uhkh-JfRkx-chkerL-8Fa39U-DKtUc-98prCn-pite5u-dTt1e8-8Rpzjb-8RmsJR-p21grm-4sUYDb-GQbji-GQbjx-GQbj4-GQbiz-GQbhn-4Krva2-p21guC-p21TbW-p211gv-pgt9dm-p21SXE-p223dc-mWhKE3" target="_blank">Flickr user David Goehring</a>, creative commons licensed.

Photo: Flickr user David Goehring, creative commons licensed.

Austin doesn’t have its own language, but some things don’t sound like they are written. Avoid looking like a newbie by learning how to say Burnet, Manchaca, Koenig, Guadalupe and Blanco. And you can sound like an old Austinite if you refer to Ladybird Lake as Town Lake.

2.) “Is this local?”

Photo: <a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/camkage/4381441493/in/photolist-7Fb2UH-6WTN5U-7rovAQ-c32GVf-d2H2N3-cgrekU-d2H2JN-649rTr-64dEZE-89m6eX-6j14NY-9c3nWn-duz2i2-c3zkZ5-5PL2J8-5PQikN-dz69bC-ifZ6SU-ifZg1w-ifZeH1-hb5VQT-hb4F7h-hb5Sqg-7YaZG2-pzW58P-7YeeYs-hb6ww7-7YaZvM-hb56C1-hb5ZxJ-hb3z7K-hb69ux-hb5Miq-hb5Hkd-hb5UZB-hb5RB5-hb5mFQ-hb6Vb4-hb5JPV-hb5hq4-hb6b2w-ifZwFD-c35i9W-hb43Ea-hb3B4R-hb3jRS-hb3Fp5-hb5ieB-hb3hMm-hb5eWe" target="_blank">Flickr user Cameron Russell</a>, creative commons licensed.

Photo: Flickr user Cameron Russell, creative commons licensed.

Austinites have a special place in their hearts for local businesses. Sure, you can get a meal at Chili’s or Applebee’s — and that’s fine — but wouldn’t you rather have something from The Salt Lick, Hopdoddy or P.Terry’s? If you really want a chain, there are plenty of those that started in Austin. Try Chuy’s, Mama Fu’s, Z’Tejas or Alamo Drafthouse.

1.) “Let’s get some breakfast tacos!”

Photo: <a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/sashafatcat/4662786306" target="_blank">Flickr user Paul Joseph</a>, creative commons licensed.

Breakfast at Tamale House no. 3 in Austin. Photo: Flickr user Paul Joseph, creative commons licensed.

Breakfast tacos are abundant in Austin. They’re pretty much the official food item of Austin. If you don’t like them, you might as well live somewhere else because you’ll be shouted down every time you express your displeasure. OK, not really. But seriously, how do you not like breakfast tacos? They’re awesome!


Featured photo: Flickr user Jonas Foyn Therkelsen, creative commons licensed.