- July 11, 2014

Don’t Believe The Haters: Here Are 10 Reasons Why North Austin Is Actually Awesome

If you’ve lived in Austin any amount of time, you’ve surely heard hateful or disgusting comments directed at North Austin.

Some haters say anything north of Hyde Park or north of Allandale or north of Mueller or north of where 183 and Mopac intersect is not “the real Austin.” The phrase, “Don’t Dallas my Austin” is often heard directed at North Austin too, suggesting that part of Austin has become a corporate business park full of chain stores and prefab, single-family houses.

Despite the attitude of many South Austin’ers, there are reasons to defend North Austin from this abuse. Here are 10 reasons why North Austin is actually awesome.


10.) The art

The fence murals on North Lamar, just south of Rundberg, that the neighborhood painted are incredible. Just look at the Beauty Will Save the World project (above, video by Austin PBS affiliate KLUR-TV) and see for yourself. Notice the different languages, styles, messages and variety of colors? Some of the best art in town can be found on the north side.