- September 20, 2017

10 Perfect Places For Great Dates: Central Austin Edition

Central Austin is a vibrant part of town. The University of Texas and its students are almost always buzzing with activity. The college area is surrounded by older parts of the city with longtime residents and their favorite restaurants, coffee shops, and hangouts. The construction activity is booming in this part of town just like downtown. Mixed-use developments are under construction, and old buildings are under renovation.

Despite all the cranes and scaffolding, this is a great part of town for a date! The eclectic mix of old and new places deliver dozens (maybe hundreds) of options, but for brevity’s sake we’ve picked 10 of our favorites.

Happy date night!

10. Share a big bowl of Kerbey Queso

Photo: Flickr user Steve Santore, creative commons licensed.

Photo: Flickr user Steve Santore, creative commons licensed.

Guacamole? Good. Queso? Good. Pico de gallo? Good. Put them together in one bowl? Great! You’ll  quickly find yourself strategizing how to get all three elements on your chip at once — and how does a queso-based date not beat anything else you’ve got planned?.

Kerbey Lane Cafe has several locations around Austin, but the one in central Austin is the original. An easy way to tell is it is actually on a street named Kerbey Lane. Oh, and the building is two old houses put together. Now, that’s quintessential Austin!