10 Essential Austin Twitter Accounts You May Not be Following

Keeping up with the latest news and happenings in a bustling city such as ours can be a challenge, but luckily we have social media to save us. Sure, there are plenty of bloggers, new sites, and brands that keep us in the loop, be we like seeing what other types of Austin Twitter accounts that walk the line between personal and publication have to say. Here are 10 Twitter accounts that are so very Austin that you won’t want to miss them.

Bio: A different Austinite hosts this account every week. want to host? Send an email to [email protected].
Why we follow: We just love this idea of highlighting the musings of a different Austinite each week, and this account does not disappoint to provide us with unique and diverse perspectives.

Favorite recent tweet: (from @barstooltheory)


Bio: Not your average flying photos Over Austin by @cvsherman.
Why we follow: Incredibly breathtaking photos of our beautiful city from a talented aerial photographer. What’s not to love?

Favorite recent tweet:


Bio: the great condo in the sky
Why we follow: He may not be tweeting much these days, what with being squished and all and living in that great condo in the sky, but reading his occasional tweets still make us smile. A lot.


Bio: Taco Journalists and writers of the bestseller, Austin Breakfast Tacos & working on Book #2 The @TacosofTexas// Tacos.Never.Die. @ElMundodeMando& @jneece
Why we follow: You may have noticed that we like tacos. Like a lot. And we write about tacos. Like a lot. So the idea of Taco Journalism really resonates with us. Plus, we can never get tired of looking at and reading about tacos.

Favorite recent tweet:


Bio: Mosaic Sound Collective is a sustainability model for the music industry, emanating from Austin, TX.
Why we follow: MSC is still very new to the Austin music scene, but they’ve got some really big things planned, and we want to hear about their work every step of the way.

Favorite recent tweet:


Bio: We are a team of Craft Beer enthusiasts working hard to be your #1 source for news and events in Austin’s dynamic#CraftBeer community. Cheers!
Why we follow: Because beer! And beer news and beer events and beer brewers and beer jobs and beer tastings and….

Favorite recent tweet:


Bio: AMP is the nonprofit trade association and advocacy group for the Austin music industry.
Why we follow: They’re a great source for music news, but more importantly they provide Austin with myriad ways to support their local music scene especially when it comes to participating in the legislative process.

Favorite recent tweet:


Bio: Jeans, boots, & burnt orange, y’all. Note: This is a parody account. Not affiliated with @UTAustin.
Why we follow: For those of us who call ourselves Longhorns (whether current or past) keeping up with campus culture can be fun, especially through ridiculous memes, gifs, and jokes. Plus, there is that tiny chance that we might forget that OU sucks, and someone’s got to remind us.




Bio: America’s largest No Kill City for five years running, saving more than 90% of the 18,000 animals that come through our doors each year!
Why we follow: Austin Animal Center is the city’s animal shelter, and frankly we don’t think they get enough attention. If it weren’t for them, this sweet piggy wouldn’t have made it all the way home. Plus, who doesn’t want to see lots of cute animal faces in their Twitter feed? And just look at this puppy’s face!




Bio: Tweet us for instant Austin, TX recommendations. Visit . Weird. Since always.
Why we follow: Well, we certainly couldn’t leave ourselves off of this list, plus we kind of have the best Austin Twitter handle there is. Don’t miss a moment of great content about your favorite city — follow us on Twitter!


Featured photo from Flickr user Milbot79, Creative Commons licensed