- October 20, 2015

10 Amazing Meals For Under $10: West Austin Edition

West Austin is known as the swanky part of town where beautiful typography and proximity to downtown drive up real estate prices. There are plenty of Maseratis and Teslas whipping around the hills, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a good meal at a reasonable price. Try one of these ten dishes next time you’re rolling through the hills and looking for places to eat.

10.) Enchiladas Perfecto at Maudie’s Milagro

Photo: Flickr user mnchilemom, creative commons licensed.

Photo: Flickr user mnchilemom, creative commons licensed.

There are plenty of places in Austin where you can get passable enchiladas, but there’s nothing quite like cheese enchiladas under traditional Tex-Mex sauce with chopped onions on top. And that’s exactly what Maudie’s Milagro — and all the other Maudie’s locations around town — serves when you order Enchiladas Perfecto. You can get them without onions, but why would you?