- April 16, 2021

Your Guide to Finding the Best Churros in Austin


For the unfortunate folks who have not yet had the wonderful experience of trying this tasty treat, churros are a popular sweet snack in Spain, Mexico, Portugal, and the Southwestern portion of the United States. The dough is generally freshly fried and served hot by street vendors. Churros can come in all shapes and sizes – straight or spiraled, with or without a sprinkling of cinnamon or sugar, served with a side of chocolate sauce or fruit-filled. These tasty doughnut cousins are making a statement in the dessert scene in Austin.

Here’s a guide to finding the best churros in Austin!

Churro Co.

This food trailer located off South First street is our top pick for some of the best churros in Austin. The trailer was created by two childhood friends from Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico, as they both shared a vision to pay homage to the traditional Mexican street food. Founded in 2014, Churro Co. serves churros made with love and have the unique, passionate flair of the city.

Señor Churro

We love the interesting twist Señor Churro is putting on the original doughnut. Sure, you can snack on the traditional cinnamon on sugar, or your can take your taste buds on a trip with their brown sugar, dried ginger, and fennel seed churro, or the brown sugar and cardamom seeds churro. Located off Burnet in North Austin, the menu also features other traditional Mexican desserts like Tres Leches Cake.

La Mexicana Bakery

Founded in 1989, this South First bakery was handed over to its head baker to continue making delicious and traditional Mexican pastries. The owner and head baker of La Mexicana Bakery moved from Obrajuelo, Guanajuato to persue the dream of baking. Not only does this bakery make fantastic churros, they also specialize in empanadas, flan, and breakfast tacos! And trust us, you won’t want to walk away from this shop without a few desserts or tacos.

Juarez Restaurant and Bakery

Make the drive up north to Round Rock to get the full experience from this restaurant and bakery. Not only does this place serve traditional breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes, they also have a full bakery with fresh churros. Grab other tasty treats like flan, cuernitos, and empanadas.

Pizza Patrón

Open since 1986, this pizza shop pulls from their Latino culture to create unique, delicious pizzas. They also make freshly fried churros, stuffed with different ingredients. We could never choose a favorite between the strawberry, Bavarian cream, dulce de leche, chocolate, or the classic churro, so we recommend trying them all.

Los Chilakillers

This restaurant uses modern cooking techniques with traditional tastes brought all the way from San Luis Potosí, Mexico. Head chef, Mina Ilbañez has been cooking for over thirty years and everything is delicious. We love their fresh, soft churros, as well as their sopapillas and house-made sauces and salsas.

Luna’s Tacos

Another Round Rock favorite is Luna’s Tacos, specializing in authentic tacos from around the world. After you’ve eaten your share of tacos, indulge with some of their hot, tasty churros.

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