- December 23, 2015

You Know Who Doesn’t Have A Home For The Holidays? Shelter Cats And Dogs


Oh, the holidays. Spending time with family. Drinking excessively in order to tolerate spending time said family. Eating literally everything. And presents – presents that now come in envelopes instead of big boxes. Another Starbucks gift card, a check for $13 from grandma. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m tired of the holidays being something I dread instead of something I look forward to…

You know what doesn’t come in an envelope? Kittens. You know what doesn’t have so much tape that you really just don’t want it anymore? Puppies.

People who adopt dogs or cats from a shelter are 400% more likely to be successful in life. They’re also more intelligent and more attractive than people who don’t have shelter pets. It’s science, folks.

How about, instead of spending countless hours trying to think of a gift for your significant other or getting your kids another toy that’s just going to annoy the bejeezus out of you, you get them something that they’ll cherish for their entire lives? A special something that they’ll never forget; that they’ll tell stories about, decades after that special something is gone?

Give a pet a home for the holidays!

Luckily, for those of you looking to succeed in life, Austin Pets Alive! has an adoption special for the month of December: all animals over 1 year old have an adoption fee of just $25!

But wait – there’s more! Some animals have adoption fees of $0 all the time! This means that some special person out there has fallen so in love with this animal that they’ve decided to pay his/her adoption fee for you! These “free” animals are often the sweetest and friendliest that APA! has to offer.

Some of these cats and dogs have been at the shelter for months, or even years. They all have unique stories, from strays who’ve somehow survived after their owners abandoned them years ago, to owner-surrenders whose human companions have moved or passed away.

Commitment Issues? Foster!

How can I commit to decades of pet ownership when I can’t hold down a 6-month relationship, you ask? Touché, my non-committal friend, touché.

Fosters are the backbone of APA! – these are people who keep dogs, cats, puppies, or kittens at their homes until these animals find their forever homes. All you need to provide, as a foster, is a roof, plenty of food, and love! APA! takes care of all medical bills!

The main thing you’ll be responsible for, besides feeding and caring for the animal(s), is taking your foster(s) to adoption events on the weekends. Now – this doesn’t have to be every weekend – no one’s going to be breathing down your neck, keeping tabs on how many events you’ve attended. It’s your prerogative, but generally, the more adoption events your foster attends, the more likely he/she is to get adopted!

If fostering sounds like that very thing that’s been missing from your life, learn more about the program online.

Whatever option you choose, getting involved with Austin Pets Alive! is one of the most rewarding things any human being can do this holiday season! In fact, here’s two of them, currently waiting to come join you, just in time for Christmas.


Tulip is the sweetest, most polite cat you’ll ever meet. She’s a petite 6 years old gal who loves children and lap sitting. Her adoption fee is only $25! Go here to learn more!


Hailey is a sweet, ~2 year old lab mix. She’s a bit timid, but she’s made tremendous progress since coming to APA! She’s trained, low maintenance, and ready for her forever home! Her adoption fee is $0! Go here to learn more!