- December 17, 2015

Austin Offers Uber And Lyft A ‘Compromise’ On Background Checks


After this story was published, Uber and Lyft issued statements explaining there is no “agreement” on this issue yet. It’s still a fluid situation, so stay tuned. The original post follows…


It appears ridesharing is here to stay thanks to a compromise struck by Austin Mayor Steve Adler and members of the city council that will allow companies like Uber and Lyft to continue operating largely unimpeded — for now.

Adler announced the compromise hours before a crucial vote on whether to compel drivers for ridesharing companies to undergo fingerprint background checks. The proposed compromise would instead implement an incentive program driven (no pun intended) by the riders themselves, who would be empowered to choose drivers that have undergone fingerprint background checks.

“I don’t expect any of the [transportation network companies] to leave town based on what we are proposing today,” Adler said during a press conference.

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