Fantastic Fest Fans Are Loving The ‘Burtonize This’ Challenge Maybe A Little Too Much

In preparation for Fantastic Fest, Alamo Drafthouse’s annual film festival of the strange, they’ve put out a call to action that will keep everyone entertained. September is Tim Burton month over at the Drafthouse, and to celebrate they recently launched a contest for filmmakers to “Burtonize This.” Basically, filmmakers from all over the world have to use their imaginations to explore the theme of Tim Burton, interpreting it however they like. The Filmmaker Frenzy competition is a staple of the conference, an opportunity for filmmakers to create 30-second bumpers that might get seen during the festival.

The bumpers range from absurd parodies of Burton’s movies to Burtonizing classics like Forrest Gump. There are also fake commercials, Burton inspired  some even get the whole family involved

The entrants will be narrowed down to three favorites, announced September 12. The Drafthouse creative team will pick two of the three, leaving the remainder to be chosen online by folks like you. Since the voting window is so small (all votes must be in by 5 p.m. on Saturday, September 10, we picked some of our favorites for you to start with. Head to the Filmmaking Frenzy site to watch all 63 videos and be sure to vote for your faves (just click that little Facebook thumbs up button above the video). The grand prize winner receives VIP badges and airfare for Fantastic Fest 2017, so this is serious business, people.

Update: The three finalists for the Filmmaker Frenzy were three of our favorites, too! Congratulations to the creators of Audience Award Winner (by 200 votes!) “Die Hard in a Castle” and the two jury picks “Jack Skellington in the Box” and “Tim Burton’s Forrest Gump.” Good luck to everyone during the final judging at Fantastic Fest.

Featured photo screenshot from “What’s This” contest entry.