- September 11, 2014

Watch Conan’s Hilarious Spoof Of Matthew McConaughey’s New Austin-Themed Ads

An episode of “Conan” on Tuesday night featured a perfect spoof of the new, Austin-themed Matthew McConaughey car ads, overlaying footage of the famous Austin actor driving around central Texas and through downtown with dialogue from his popular HBO drama “True Detective.”

McConaughey’s character in “True Detective,” if you haven’t seen it, is a bit on the dark side — a real apocalyptic, philosophic sort of fellow name Rust Cohle who solves murders, but also thinks the human race should die out. He’s got some pretty brainy, poetic-sounding dialogue in the show about “walking hand in hand” into extinction as a species, and it somehow matches perfectly with Matt’s new ads.

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It just took Conan to connect the dots, but the results are priceless:

McConaughey’s original ads were cut for the Lincoln Motor Company to promote their new luxury utility vehicle, the Lincoln MKC. We featured one of the ads earlier this week on Austin.com, and we apparently weren’t the only ones who took notice.

Nice one, Conan!