- October 19, 2016

Walker Lukens’ Indie Rock Single ‘The Touch’ Is A True Hidden Gem


Austin indie artist Walker Lukens has released his latest EP Never Understood on Modern Insider, revealing that his song “The Touch” is a real hidden gem.

Getting to the heart of his indie rock sound, this particular song gives you a great idea of what direction Lukens is taking his music; helpful for those who are listening for the first time. Spending time in the studio with local producer Jim Eno has also served Lukens well.

“The Touch” is a local tune you should not skip, thanks to Lukens’ talent for capturing attitudes in song. With minimal guitars and a back beat that gives “The Touch” the support it needs to really drill into your head, we can almost guarantee it will rank among your favorite local singles this week.

Give it a listen below.

Featured photo: Walker Lukens

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