- August 2, 2016

$250 Cash for Online Car Shopping with Vroom

Ever wished buying a car could be as easy as ordering a pizza? The very idea seems like a dream, especially if you’ve experienced dragging the kids to one car lot after another, looking for the perfect family ride.

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But dreams really can come true! Vroom, an online car finder service for buying and selling cars, makes the process as easy as getting a pizza delivered to your door. This is Virtual Reality car shopping at its finest: Vroom will deliver your dream car for FREE, right to your door—and if you aren’t satisfied, you can return it free of charge within a week and receive a full refund, no questions asked. No more hot, frustrating, fruitless trips to car lots. No more haggling for the price you deserve. Now you can complete the entire process of buying and selling without ever leaving home!

Better yet, Free Fun in Austin readers can use a special promo code for $250 cash after the purchase of a Vroom vehicle. The promo code is VIPAUS5, and the process for using it couldn’t be easier:

  1. Choose your car at Vroom.com, go through the online process to choose payment type, submit a trade-in (if desired), and set up delivery.
  2. When you receive an email or phone call from your customer representative, mention that you were referred and give your promo code.
  3. Two to three weeks after your car is delivered, you’ll receive a $250 cash card!


Here are a few of the benefits of using Vroom:

  • No-haggle pricing
  • Wider selection of vehicles available
  • Full-service support for buying, selling, trading, financing and more
  • Buy or sell a car from the comfort of your couch
  • 90-day no-worries bumper-to-bumper warranty
  • FREE delivery and FREE seven-day returns, no questions asked

And here are a few impressive numbers about Vroom:

  • Vroom is the #1 direct retailer for buying and selling cars
  • Customers save 8% on average when they buy from Vroom
  • Vroom has already bought or sold more than 170,000 vehicles
  • More than 80% of Vroom cars are less than 3 years old

Business Insider says Vroom “makes car-buying haggle-free, with prices below market prices, so customers can rest easy knowing they aren’t getting ripped off.”

Want to learn more? Watch this fun commercial starring Rachel Dratch and John Leguizamo, or click here to find out more about how VROOM works.

Find your next car at Vroom.com, and be sure to use the special Free Fun in Austin promo code (VIPAUS5) to receive a $250 cash card with your purchase!

This post was written for Free Fun in Austin readers in partnership with VROOM.com.