UT Student Invents A Trombone That Shoots Frickin’ Flames Out Of It

It’s rare that you see a new thing, but here’s one: A trombone that shoots flames as it is being played.

The idea was hatched and developed by University of Texas at Austin student Valentin Guerin, an exchange student from France. He calls it the “pyro trombone,” according to Texas Exes. The invention isn’t just a novelty, either. Guerin is hoping his flaming instrument will help send the UT Trombone Choir to Spain for the 2015 International Trombone Festival.

The group is raising money on Kickstarter, and anyone who makes a tax-deductible donation will be treated to a concert just before the group heads off. Among the gifts donors will receive is even a private concert — complete with the pyro trombone — for just $2,500.

“Due to decreased funding to education, nationwide, student travel budget funds have been cut drastically or, in our case, eliminated,” the group explained. “Your donations will be used to pay for travel-related trombone choir expenses (airline tickets, local transportation while in Spain, hotel costs, meals, etc.). Even donations at the $10 level will help us immensely in achieving our goal of representing the UT at this prestigious event, and in sharing our music with the world.”

Seems legit! Now, check out this hotness: