- March 7, 2017

Are Timeshares the Travel Industry’s Best Kept Secret?


When you think vacation, you probably think hotels, Airbnb, or maybe even a pricey resort. But what about timeshares? I know, I know…you’re having flashbacks to knife sets and high-pressure sales, right? Well, it’s no longer the 1980s and timeshares have evolved into one of the best kept secrets of the travel industry. In 2014 alone, consumers bought almost $8 billion worth of timeshare vacation properties. Among those who bought, the median age was 39 and over half of them had children under the age of 18. Savvy families around the world are capitalizing on the cost-savings, predictability, and lifestyle investment that timeshares can offer.

Don’t Rent − OWN Your Vacation

When you buy your own personal timeshare, you’re not throwing dollars down the drain–you’re owning your vacation. How does this work? Let’s say you book a lake “Staycation” in Lago Vista during the summer. A 2 bedroom/2 bath rental in the area will easily cost you $200 or more per night. Once you enjoy your vacation, the money you spent is gone–poof! With timeshare ownership, your money buys you access to that same vacation year after year without having to pay additional nightly rental fees. For example, I found online listings for a 2 bedroom timeshare at The Shores at Lake Travis ranging from $1,799 to $6,000. At any of those price points, this is a great deal. Each year you stay in the timeshare, you own it “rent” free. The only expenses you are required to pay are annual maintenance fees that vary per property.

Turn Your Vacation Into a Lifestyle Asset

Buying a timeshare isn’t only a cost-effective way to vacation; it’s a great way to turn your vacation into a lifestyle asset. Ownership in timeshares is treated like currency and can be exchanged for vacations to other locations or at different times. There is an entire market for swapping timeshares with countless options for switching up your getaways. The exchanges are handled through exchange companies like RCI, which has a network of thousands of resorts. If your timeshare is affiliated with RCI, you can go to their website and find exchange opportunities. Just keep in mind that there is a membership fee for exchange services like RCI, but this is usually nominal and well worth the additional flexibility.

Timeblock Your Vacation for Easy Planning

Let’s face it, family life can be stressful. In between soccer practices, school demands, and hectic work schedules, vacation doesn’t always make it to the top of the “to do” list. Often it turns into a last-minute trip that can be costly when not booked far enough in advance. With timeshare ownership, you can time block your family vacation time each year and never have to worry about the hassle of coordinating schedules. Each year you’ll have a set family “date” at a comforting home away from home to enjoy with your loved ones stress-free.

Save Big with Resale Marketplace Listings

Timeshares are big business for resorts and high-end golf communities, but you don’t have to pay the full retail price to own a timeshare. You can search thousands of timeshares online from timeshare resale companies like SellMyTimeshareNow.com and buy directly from private owners at up to 70% off retail pricing. Online marketplaces like SellMyTimeshareNow.com make ownership even more affordable since you won’t have to pay resort commissions or random administration fees that can quickly add up. Currently on SellMyTimeshareNow.com, there are over 60,000 timeshares in over 1,300 locations for you to choose from.

Timeshare Rentals − Try Before You Buy

HIll Country Resort Timeshare Rental

Still not sure if timeshares are right for you? Aside from timeshare resales, the SellMyTimeShareNow.com marketplace also has plenty of timeshare rental options to help you test the timeshare waters. For example, at the beautiful Hill Country Resort, there are 2 bedroom rentals available for as little as $350 for the entire week. That’s right, relax at the pool, go for a horseback ride, or stay entertained with the many sight-seeing activities Canyon Lake has to offer, all for about $50 a night.

With Spring Break and Summer vacations right around the corner, consider exploring the world of timeshares for your next adventure. According to one study of timeshare owners by the American Resort Development Association, 8 out of 10 of them loved the experience and would happily buy their timeshare again. With such high satisfaction scores, the travel industry’s best kept secret won’t be a secret for long!