- August 12, 2014

These Three Austin Dogs Have Been Waiting For A Home For EVER


While Austin is a community well known for its love of their canine friends, there are still plenty of pups in town in need of a home. In fact, it seems that people find homes in Austin faster than dogs do. So, this week we wanted to take a look at three dogs that have been under the care of Austin Pets Alive! the longest. Perhaps you might consider giving one of them a home.

All of the dogs below have been either in foster care or the APA shelter for more than 60 days.


Say hi to Hawk, everybody!

This is Hawk, an older Chihuahua/short hair mix that has seen and done it all. He’s a very sociable 13 year old puppy-at-heart who gets along with everyone, human and animal alike. He has the kind of medical issues that go with being a canine senior citizen, such as some teeth, heart and hearing issues. He’s also been tested positive for heartworms, the treatment for which is included in his adoption fee.

However, he more than makes up for any inconvenience his health may cause by being easy-going, playful, affectionate and, best of all, quiet. He’s not big into barking and polite as can be. He’s a real gentleman.

While he’s very well mannered, if you feel it’s necessary, free behavior assistance is available with every adoption with the APA! training team.

That is one content puppy.

Another sweetheart old-timer in need of a home is Fannie here. A 12-year old Boxer mix, Fannie is 60 lbs. of goofy, tongue-wagging fun. She loves to be around and meeting new people, making her a lot of fun to take on walks through parks and nature trails. She’s especially fond of children, making her a fine first dog for a young family. She can be a little insecure, however, so she needs to be the only pet in the home.

Fannie is also quite comfortable hanging out in a crate during those moments where there’s no one around for her to play with. Reach out to APA today and find out how you can pay her a visit and see if she’s right for you and your family!

Prepare for cuteness!

On the younger end of the spectrum, we have the gorgeous Roxy. This two year old Labrador/Collie mix never seems to have a bad day. Always happy and always ready to snuggle and jump in your lap, she gets along with just about everybody, regardless of species. If you’re looking for a companion for both you and your other dogs, this sweetheart could be right up your alley.

Roxy walks with one paw hanging due to a slipped disk injury and has a bit of a twisted neck. Don’t feel sorry for her, though. She doesn’t! She runs and plays with the same energy as any other healthy dog and refused to let an injury keep her down. She loves getting affection and always returns in kind.

While well behaved for her age, don’t hesitate to take advantage of the free behavioral training through APA.

Remember, when you adopt a new friend from APA, you’re actually saving two lives. Not just the pet you’re adopting, but the pet who will be taking the place of yours in the shelter!

If you can’t adopt but still want to help, consider sending a few bucks their way. Each pet costs about $250 a month to take care of and any help is appreciated.

Next week, we’ll be taking a look at our feline friends in need with an all cat edition!


Photos courtesy of Austin Pets Alive!
Feature Photo: Flickr user “MarkSCottAustinTX,” creative commons licensed